5G Zombies

  • Rating: 2
  • Year: 2021

Blair Witch snot bubble in the first 10 seconds of the movie. This is going to be dogshit and not the good kind.

Did that guy forego zombie makeup and just make a face at the camera?

The entire budget of the movie:

I know! Instead of making a movie, let’s make nothing happen and have a bunch of assholes livestream themselves with the shittiest acting ever.

This was so much worse than even I expected. That one dick called them 4G Zombies and that was the most entertaining part of the movie. So infuriating.

Dude named himself Inigo Montoya.

This dude is trying so hard to not laugh.

An hour and forty minutes? Are you fucking kidding me? Did the “director” just include every single video that was sent in without editing them?

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