How to make an AI storyboard

Reuse as much of the same info as possible. Create a super quick Photoshop which includes the beach from the very first storyboard. Don’t worry about how good the image looks at all. That is the A.I.’s job. Just set up the camera angle and all the elements that you need in the shot.

Send this image and a prompt of what you are expecting to see into Midjourney.

man facing a large wave rising from the ocean black and white, in the style of Becky Cloonan –ar 16:9

Using the same artist name for each prompt should keep the styles similar between storyboards. –ar 16:9 tells Midjourney the aspect ratio that you want to have.

Midjourney will return 4 images to choose from.

From here, you can create 4 more variations from one of the images or download the one you want. In this case, image #3 was perfect. Sometimes you need to do a lot of variations or just fix everything in Photoshop.

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